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We provide V2X connectivity software and services for cellular V2X that utilize established international standards. We both develop our proprietary software and serve as agents for the Dutch company Monotch, offering their TLEX platform.

We deliver connectivity software and services

Link - V2X ETSI library

Our software development toolkit, Link V2X ETSI library, offers the easiest and fastest way to interpret binary encoded V2X messages. Integrate our Link V2X ETSI software into your application and produce and consume V2X compliant messages within hours.

Link - V2X Connect

Our software development toolkit, Link V2X Connect, offers the easiest and fastest way to connect to different V2X brokers in the smart mobility ecosystem. Integrate our Link V2X Connect software into your application and send, receive V2X messages from all major European brokers within hours.

Link - Virtual V2X TLC

Link virtual traffic light controller enables V2X services such as priority for designated vehicles in legacy traffic lights. The virtual traffic light controller extends the legacy controller by utilizing the built in management link to enable V2X services.

Monotch - TLEX

We serve as the agent for Monotch, providing their V2X broker TLEX in the Nordic market. By seamlessly connecting roadside technology with service providers, automakers, and road users, TLEX offers a comprehensive solution for dynamic, two-way data exchange.

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