Link V2X Connect

Instant connection with European V2X (C-ITS) brokers

Link V2X SDK:s for development of C-ITS and CCAM services offer the easiest and fastest way to connect to the smart mobility ecosystem. Integrate our toolkits into your application to send, receive, produce and consume V2X messages. With solid compliance to European C-ITS standards we ensure direct interoperability in deployments such as Nordic way, C-roads, UDAP and Mobilidata. Our toolkits doesn’t just meet expectations, it sets the standard.

Link V2X Clients simplifies the process of connecting to European C-ITS brokers. Link V2X supports the Basic Interface as defined in C-roads and used in Nordicway and Mobilidata C-ITS deployments. It also supports the Subject interface as defined in Talking traffic and deployed in the Dutch “Urban data access plattform”.

Link V2X - Connect, key capabilities

Compliancy with majour European C-ITS brokers

Supports the Basic Interface as defined in C-roads and the Subject interface as defined in Dutch program Talking traffic.

Failsafe connection

Keeps internal redundant connections with autmatic failover for no data loss applications

Of grid licensemanagment

We support your zero trust security architecture. Lockdown your implementation deep inside your network.

No third party libraries

Delivered in native .NET Core or JAVA libraries without third party dependencies

Example of usage

Connecting to Nordic way Interchange network and send a C-ITS message

					/* Creating an instance of BiClient explicitly providing certificate */

// 1: Provide your valid certificate (X509Certificate2)
X509Certificate2 certificate = "<your_certificate>";

// 2: Provide the base path of the local actor API (Not containing common name).
string apiBasePath = "<your_api_base_path>";

// 3 (Optional): Provide a selector string to filter incoming data.
string selector = "messageType = 'DENM'"

// 4: Create an instance of the client.
BiClient client = new(certificate, apiBasePath);
// Or
BiClient client = new(certificate, apiBasePath, selector);

// Create message (sudo code)
byte[] message = new Message();

// Send message

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