Virtual V2X Traffic light controller

Enable V2X Services in your legacy traffic light controller

Digitraffic Virtual V2X Traffic light controller enables V2X services and C-ITS compliancy in your Traffic lights. The virtual traffic light controller extends the legacy controller by utilizing the built in management link to enable V2X services.

Our solution enables services such as priority for designated vehicles at a fraction of the cost for a new traffic light controller.

Virtual V2X TLC, key capabilities

ETSI V2X Compliant

Support reading uPer encoded SREM messages with or without Geonet Basic or Secure packet

Support Subject interface and Basic interface

Support connection to major European C-ITS brokers

Nordic region extenstion

Support reading the Nordic region extension as defined in Nordic Way 3 programme

Integrated security

Support X1609 signing and verification of V2X messages according to ETSI-standard TS 103 097.

Support EU CCMS

Support EU CCMS PKI certificate enrolement processes with butterfly key management.

No third party libraries

Delivered in native .NET Core or JAVA libraries without third party dependencies

Low latency ASN.1 compiler

Encoding and decoding of ETSI-based messages faster than 0.2ms.

Of grid licensemanagment

We support your zero trust security architecture. Lockdown your implementation deep inside your network.

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