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Connectivity boosts digital traffic perception

Enhanced connectivity significantly boosts the traffic perception within the road system – enabling safer, smarter, and more efficient mobility.

Digitraffic is pioneering the transition towards a connected and automated road system by delivering cutting-edge connectivity software and connectivity services to service providers, road authorities and oems


By sharing data and services in real time we can create a digital perception of the current traffic situation. The digitally enhanced traffic perception can be used to boost a numerous use cases in driving assitance services, fleet managment systems and traffic management systems, ranging from enhanced traffic safety to reduced travel time and increased transport effiency.

We have the tools and the expertise to connect you to the the ecosystem enabling your own digital traffic perception that can boost the effiency of your services.


Today, there are already driver assistance services in vehicles that utilize on board sensors data to help drivers drive more safely and efficiently. By integrating real time data from other entities in the road network, the vehicles can see beyond their sensorrange and we can further evolve the algorithms in driver assistance services for greater performance.

Vehicles will gradually assume greater driver responsibility and ultimatly provide self driving capabilities.


A connected and automated transport system, without careful consideration, can pose significant security risks for society, businesses, and individuals alike. It is of utmost importance that we collectively take responsibility for these risks and develop a safe and secure transportation system together.

Our software implements the zero trust security architecture and supports integration of the European credential management system (EU CCMS). We also provide services to evaluate your own software and digital infrastructure ensuring solid IT-security.




Link V2X

Our software development toolkit, Link V2X, offers the easiest and fastest way to connect to the smart mobility ecosystem. Integrate our Link V2X software into your application and send, receive, produce and consume ETSI C-ITS compliant

V2X messages within hours.


What can we do for you?

Whether you are an authority, a city, a service provider, a logistics company, or a transportation buyer, we can provide technology and knowledge so that you can take advantage of the opportunities that connectivity and automation can offer in your business


We provide cutting-edge connectivity software that utilize established international standards, empowers your ability to boost your digital traffic perception.

We develop our own software and are also agents for the Dutch company Monotch, providing their TLEX platform

Supporting services

A connected mobility ecosystem is more than technology. You need to enforce policies, regulation, architecural principles and IT-security to ensure the interoperability.

With experience from international deployments of connected mobility we have developed a governance and steering framework with supporting capabilities ready to be used in your deployment.


We provide consultancy services in the domain of connected mobilty. We have have a strong record of supporting customers with strategic advisory and development of new services.