In a sustainable society, reducing the use of fossil fuels is a necessary component. To succeed, all parts of the transportation system need to be reviewed. We have the expertise to help you take the step and contribute to climate change mitigation, whether you are an authority, a city, or a transportation buyer, and whether you focus on personal or freight transport.

Connectivity and automation

By sharing information in real-time between authorities, roadside equipment, and vehicles, traffic safety and transportation efficiency can increase while reducing climate impact. Today, there are already advanced driver assistance systems that utilize AI to help drivers drive more safely and efficiently. Ultimately, vehicles will gradually assume greater driver responsibility.

IT-security and trust

A smart and connected transportation system, without careful consideration, can pose significant security risks for society, businesses, and individuals alike. It is of utmost importance that we collectively take responsibility for these risks and develop a safe and secure transportation system together.

What can we do for you?

Whether you are an authority, a city, a logistics company, or a transportation buyer, we can provide tools and knowledge so that you can take advantage of the opportunities that an electrified, smart, and connected transportation system can offer.

Technology and tools

We provide market-leading IT platforms that utilize established standards, enabling you to quickly start your data sharing, whether you are an authority or a company.


Curious to learn more? Let us come and tell you about the opportunities available and what we believe you can do to streamline your transportation, whether it concerns freight or passenger transport.

Governance and steering

Have you decided to embark on your journey? With extensive experience in governance of a connected ecosystem we can support your journey with our mature governance and steering model.